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How to charge ?

Would you like to obtain a badge or download a charging application? Discover here the list of mobility operators and applications compatible with our network.

Are you experiencing a problem with your charging card? Please contact your e mobility provider.


Any electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle fitted with a type 2 charging cable can recharge at Electric 55 charging stations. Users must use a type 2 charging cable to recharge (usually supplied with the car).

You need a Type 2 charging cable to connect your vehicle to the charging station.

You also need a badge from your emobility provider or a charging application on your smartphone (like Bonnet for example: Via Playstore or Appstore). This will allow you to identify yourself at the charging station and start charging.

You can order a card from one of the many emobility providers compatible with our network. (List of compatible EMPs).

If you don’t have a badge, you can start the charge from the application of your choice directly on your cellphone.

To start charging, you can also download a charging app from the Appstore/ Playstore of your smartphone (e.g. Bonnet: Via Playstore or Appstore).

After plugging in your charging cable on the vehicle side, start charging directly from your app and then plug in the cable on the charging point side.

To stop charging when using a charging app,
please disconnect your vehicle-side charging cable first.

Before using the app, please check the prices offered by your charging app which can sometimes change.

Electric 55 Charging continues to expand its network. To find out where our charging stations are located, we invite you to look at the map below this FAQ.

You can also download the Chargemap application via the Appstore or Playstore, which will display where the different charging points are located.

To start charging, you must first plug in your Type 2 cable on the vehicle side.

Next, if you’re using a charging badge, pass it over the terminal to start charging. If you’re using a charging app, you’ll need to validate the charge directly from your mobile app.

Once these steps have been completed, connect the cable to the charging point. Your vehicle is now charging.

Occasionally, your vehicle may be configured in different ways to prevent charging from taking place; please check your vehicle’s settings to ensure that your charging time is not scheduled for certain times.

When you rent a vehicle, the rental company is obliged to provide you with the necessary equipment: a charging cable and a charging badge.

Then, the process of charging the rental vehicle is the same as for all vehicles.

Electric 55 Charging does not offer direct billing. We can’t provide you with precise rates, as they vary depending on your badge provider.

We recommend that you check the rates offered by the provider of your choice.

You can compare the prices offered by the different emobility providers through the Chargeprice website.

Some emobility providers offer subscriptions, we invite you to consult the different providers to choose the solution that suits you best.

For security reasons, we have chosen to use identification systems by card or by smartphone app, so payment by credit card is not directly authorized on our network. However, you have the possibility to pay by credit card through a charging app.

Our charging stations are constantly connected to our IT network, so we know their status in real time and can keep you informed.

If you experience a problem while recharging, please contact your badge supplier. If the problem is still unsolved, please contact us on 09 75 89 15 01. We’ll offer you the best solutions to ensure an efficient recharging experience.

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to ask us HERE