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    Deployment and management
    of charging infrastructure
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    Interoperability & accessibility

Why E55C


We are building sustainable solutions with renewable energy at the center of every innovation.

Business Model

Our business is modelled directly using data based on real usage of charging stations. Reliability and customer satisfaction is therefore at the center of the E55C offer.


Our iOT solutions were specificaly developed for the EV charging industry and aim at complete connectivity.


Involved and motivated, we share the risk with our partner. When needed, E55C can invest in infrastructure.

Our Mission

We want to make tomorrow's mobility better and greener. EV sales are growing faster than charging networks are developing. Our mission is to bring scalable, efficient and reliable solutions in every region. We are ready to share the risks, and thanks to our experience and innovations to maximize turnover on our stations.

Go big or go home

We are convinced that a generation of software tools is necessary to manage the rapid growth of publicly accessible charging networks. We are building the right system to optimize usage for the much more important networks soon to be installed.

Network reliability

Our charging stations are connected to our cloud, allowing us to monitor and forward in real time status and availability information. If communication is lost, charging is still possible for every user.

Improve user experience

More and more charge points are installed, but access and payment is non transparent. The E55C is open to all major emobility providers (EMP) and we are constantly adding new compatible charging cards to this list. Please contact us if you wish to partner with us. Every EMP is welcome on the E55C network.


  • Axelle Valembois

    Chargemap user - 2 janvier 2019 - Puget-sur-Argens

    Merci plus de bornes Frejus , vous sauvez une Tesla de la panne ! Merci , vos amis belges !


    Chargemap user

    Petit complément de Charge avec ma E-UP en type 2 AC. Borne ultra simple et fonctionnelle, on branche, on badge, ça charge, on rebadge, ça s'arrête et on débranche (avant de repartir!). Pas de tactile, pas de boutons = moins de pannes ! Tip Top.


    Chargemap user

    Charge sans problème avec ma Zoe le 30 décembre [2017]

  • Durafred

    Chargemap user - 3 juillet 2018 - Cavalaire

    You have to turn around towards the parking place around the sea port, then follow the road. The chargers are located on the left. Enjoy the charge! Oh, and btw, the chargers are close to the beach !! Easy location to park the car and enjoy the sun on the beach :)


    Chargemap user

    Borne parfaitement placée, simple d'utilisation et à prix correct, compatible chargemap pass: Parfait!


    Twitter - 29 Juin - Gap

    @PlusdDeBornes merci pour la borne de #gap on va pouvoir aller au ski !!